HERBERTZ 207911 Solingen Germany NOBLE Knife RARE NEW

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Product description: ID# KN120

HERBERTZ 207911 Solingen Germany NOBLE Knife RARE NEW


Attention HERBERTZ Fan's!!!

is one of the noble very nice looking COLLECTOS Knives


· 7-1/2 " open, 3-1/2" closed, 4" blade.

· Blade is stainless steel 440.

· Lock blade.

· Elegant Handle with white inlets
and a lot of metal details,
NOT printed on.

· Excellent high end quality.

· Comes in HERBERTZ Box.

Additional information:


Herbertz is one of the largest knife companies in Solingen, Germany.
They offer a vast selection of knives produced worldwide in a variety of styles and prices.

Shipping cost Domestic: Priority Mail Rate $ 8.10

The whole inventory is imported to the United States from Germany.
All Knives and Darts are NEW and most of them in t original box, some with the certificates. Because of the big amount, I can't guaranty that every knife is in the original box, please understand.

High quality items!!
rostfrei Stainless Steel
Some knives have mild
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