Beautiful Herend Hungary Porcelain Cover pot

SUPERB Porcelain Cover pot.

Herend Hungary

(since 1826)

Near Middle Europe's largest lake, in a romantic natural environment among the slopes of the Bakony Mountain, the world's largest porcelain manufactory has been operating for over 180 years relying on its extensive, well-established knowledge. The company that started in 1826 as a factory with just a few employees, and having become a favoured brand among rulers, famous historical personages, leading businessmen and artists alike, is now a renowned major company known in almost every country of the world, it being a true 'Hungaricum': part of the Hungarian Heritage.

At the time of its founding, Herend took a path that was twisting and constantly changing, sometimes bound for the peaks and at other times for the abysses. Herend has not abandoned this path up until this day relying on its strong faith and knowledge. Over the course of its long journey, during its travels, Herend has left signs in various forms in various places, which we shall show you now: you can become acquainted with our technology, our famous customers, honoured masters and changes in brand logos; you can gain a glimpse into our history, into our past and present. As far as our future is concerned, we kindly ask you to join us on our exciting journey and experience
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