Herend Rothschild Bird Complete China Set

This is a complete set of Herend Rothschild Bird china. This set has been in our family for many years and has been used only a few times. We would like to sell this all in one package and is a great buy for the right person. All pieces are in mint condition. Pennies on the dollar of the cost of a new set. We have more pictures available of the rest of the included items not shown upon request.

Herend Rothschild Bird complete china set here includes the following:

1) 12, 10" dinner plates

2) 17, 2" demicups with saucers

3) 4, 9.5" soup bowls

4) 1, double clamshell relish dish with handle

5) 1, triple clamshell relish dish with bird handle

6) 11, dessert plates

7) 1, two handle serving platter

8) 1, leaf dish with handle

9) 2, creamer containers - different sizes

10) 1, big 12" serving bowl/salad bowl

11) 1, sugar bowl with lid

12) 4, salt and pepper shakers - egg shape

13) 1, butter pat

14) also included are 4 more pieces I am not sure of what they are, but one is a small cup, one is similar to a soup bowl but different than the rest of them, and two more very small saucers.