HERITAGE Comics Auction Catalog – Spider-Man Spiderman Mad

Up for consideration is a Heritage Comics Signature Auction catalog from November, 2001…845 lots on 151 pages…includes CD that came with catalog…in very good condition…some featured lots include:

· Marvel Comics #1 (Timely, 1939) ($20,000-25,000)

· Mad #1 Gaines File pedigree 3/12 (EC 1952) ($15,000-22,500)

· Special Edition Comics #1 Denver pedigree (Fawcett, 1940) ($25,000-30,000)

· The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Marvel, 1963) ($35,000-45,000)

· Amazing Fantasy #15 (Marvel, 1962) – first appearance of the Amazing Spider-Man ($12,500-15,000)

Lots from: Captain America Human Tourch Young Allies Sub-Mariner Crime Patrol Moon Girl Vault Horror Tales From The Crypt Crime SuspenStories Impact Valor Extra X-Men Mandrake The Black Terror Wonder Comics Captain Marvel Startling Comics Fighting Yank Plastic Man Police Comics Worlds Beyond Smash Comics Brenda Starr Buck Rogers Tomb of Terror Jungle Comics Jumbo Comics Avengers The Incredible Hulk Silver Surfer Batman Aquaman Superboy Flash Spiderman

Table of Contents:

Timely/Atlas Comics

EC Comics and Art

Maxfield Parrish Playing Card Decks

Bronze Age Marvel Comics and Art

Bronze Age DC Comics and Art

Miscellaneous Golden Age Comics and Art

Silver Age Marvel Comics and
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