Hermetic Rose Cross / Hermetic Rosecross - Golden Dawn Magical Tools

Hermetic Rose Cross for Golden Dawn rituals.

Handmade item.

Material: MDF
Size: 27cm x 18 cm

Colors may change due to different monitor settings.

Coelestium – Instrumenta Mysteriorum Magicorum

Nothing can be more human than the desire to be close, commune or match up to the gods – after all, we are their image and likeness, the bond of Creation that connects the material to the spiritual world.

The quest after the mastery of the occult forces and the magickal power is nothing more than a reflection of this desire to connect with the divine. The act of doing Magick is, itself, the materialization of the flame that burns inside the heart and takes the seeker to find the ways to rule and lead well his own existence, standing out as a human being and becoming immortal by its very Grace.

The truth is, in a greater or lesser degree, like it or not, every human being does magic. We know that and we are very proud of being human… and doing magic.

It was thinking about people like us that we decided to create a space for all those who walk the Path.

We chose the name Coelestium – celestial, in Latin – do designate the north of our pursue.

You love the Craft. We have the tools. The sky is the limit.


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