Heroclix lot of 34 figures. Mysterio, Time Trapper, Wonder Twins, and more!

US bidders only please.

Up for bids is a lot of 34 heroclix figures. Most of the figures are commons and uncommons, but there are a few super rares mixed in as well. Included in this lot, you will recieve:

Mysterio 56

Danger 39 (This figure does not have a card)

Wonder Twins 59

Time Trapper 56

Captain Marvel Jr 50

Ironclad 16

J Jonah Jameson 35

Spider-Man 7

Code Blue Officer 5

Eddie Brock 10

Lt. Marcus Stone 21

Carnage 18

Mary Jane Watson 30

Ruling Class Dominator 19

Ra's Al Ghul 34

Ben Reilly 24

Vector 32

Gorilla City Warrior 4

Dominator 3

Rock Troll 4


Mugger 6 X2

Doorman 24

Nomad 16

Ronan the Accuser 31

Cardiac 41

Camelion 19

Puma 12

Vermin 36


Peter Parker 8

Will-O'-The-Wisp 13

Molten Man 15

Aside from Danger, each figure has a character card. This is a great way to start a collection or expand on an existing one. !