Heroclix Super Heroes - Lot of 83 including Supergirl and Wonderwoman

I found these at a thrift store. I haven't had time to learn to play. 83 total figures including Supergirl and Wonder Woman. A few of the stands are broken. But I got all but one to stand up on its own.

Man-bat x1 Booster Gold x1 Weather Wizard x1 Hawkman x1 Circe x3 Rocket Red x3 Jesse Quick x3 Doctor Fate x3 Big Barda x2 Lex Corp Battlesuit x3 Troia x3 Parademon Scout x3 Maxima x3 Wonder woman x2 Firestorm x2 Manhunter x3 Chameleon x3 Fury x3 Supergirl x3 Saturn Girl x3 Green latern (black) x3 Green latern (white) x2 Zatanna x3 Live wire x3 Steel x2 Braniac 5 x3 Cosmic Boy x3 Hawkgirl x3 Starfire x2 Starman x2 Fatality x2 Queen Bee x3 Black Adam x3