Herodian Oil Lamp 63 B.C. - 330 A.D during Jesus time !

This Herodian Oil Lamp was used during the time of Jesus for light and extra warmth in private homes. The oil was placed inside with an oil-soaked wick extending out from the inside, which was then lit and burned. This Pottery was found in South Jerusalem, Israel. All our lamps are 100% intact and 100% real. 11.5 cm L x 7.5 cm W x 3.5 cm H (Varies). This lamp would made a great piece for any collection, starting collection, or it would also look good on someone office desk. Shipping to the US is for Expedited mailing with full insurance, tracking and you get it in 7 to 10 business days. SHIPPING
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Thank you for your bidding and we hope you enjoy your very own piece of history!! and too also please take a look at our other great Auctions that we have running now!!
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