You are bidding on one autographed (Topps Certified) of Milo Ventimiglio/Peter Petrilli. A friend of mine owns a card store and he pulled this from some packs recently. He does not do business on eBay so asked me to sell it for him. So, you have it. I am going to list some other items he asked me to list from this set so take a look around. I understand these are pretty hard to find so t you have it.

Shipping and Handling for this item is $2.50 in bubble mailer. I expect payment with seven days of auction close. I NO LONGER ACCEPT PAYPAL PAYMENTS. I DO NOT DO ENOUGH BUSINESS ON EBAY TO WARRANT SUCH AN ADDITIONAL EXPENSE AND IT JUST ADDS TO YOUR COSTS SINCE I PASS THE COSTS ON TO YOU. I will ship promptly if you pay promptly. If you do not pay promptly, I become surly. I will combine shipping of individual cards for 1.00 per additional card. Thanks and have a great Day! Good luck bidding!!!