Heroscape - Imposters - Samuel Brown, Agent Skahen, Master Win Chiu Woo (b)

Heroscape Exclusives Imposters

Up for bid are three Heroes that were never offered for retail sale. All of these Heroes used a figure from an existing squad with a different paint scheme. All three of these figures are repaints from their respective squad and are not the official sculpt. Each figure comes with a double sided Card on Heavy Card Stock.

Master Win Chiu Woo

Master's Influence: All Monk Squad figures you control may leap an additional 13 levels up or down when using their Stealth Leap special power. All Monks you control within 2 clear sight spaces of Master Woo add 1 to their attack dice and 1 to their defense dice.

Agent Skahen

Double Attack: When Agent Skahen attacks, she may attack one additional time.

Cover Fire: When attacking an opponent's figure, if Agent Skahen inflicts one or more wounds, you may move one Tricky figure you control who follows Vydar and is within 8 clear sight spaces of Agent Skahen up to 4 spaces. You cannot use Cover Fire to move Agent Skahen.

Stealth Dodge: When Agent Skahen rolls defense dice against an attacking figure who is not adjacent, one shield will block all damage.

Samuel Brown

Fire and Rush Special Attack: If Samuel Brown begins his turn unengaged, instead of moving and attacking normally, he may use his Fire
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