Heroscape Marrden Hounds

I am selling off my Heroscape collection. I accumulated this collection over the last couple years and I have every figure except for the last two most recent waves. I take pride in selling and have taken good care of all the figures in all my listings . In this auction is Marrden Hounds from Wave 3 . I will combine multiple auction winnings in that you will get half off shipping for each additional winning from whatever the highest aucton shipping is. I will be selling master sets, flagbearers, numerous figures and large expansions. For instance if you win a master set for shipping of 10.00, a large expansion for a shipping of 8.00 and a figure set for a shipping of 2.00 you will get half off shipping of the large expansion and the figure set. Your total shipping would be 10.00(master set) plus 4.00(50% off large expansion) plus 1.00 (50% off figure set) for a total of 15.00 shipping for all three.

Feel free to ask me any questions or concerns about any of my listings and I will get back with you M-F in the evenings or on the weekends. Thank you and happy hollidays/biddings!!!