Heroscape Wave 8 Defenders of Kinsland Complete Set (New)

Milton Bradley: Heroscape Defenders of Kinsland Wave 8 Expansion Set Bundle (New)

This listing includes 1 pack of each of the following:

Elves Heroes of the Molten Sea Marro Calvary Soldiers and Wolves

Soldiers and Wolves

Power Your Army With These Warriors! Wolves of Badru's Pounce Special Attack packs a punch when used against your enemies. Plus, their special climbing ability may double their height when moving. The 10th Regiment of Foot may use their special Melee Defense to add an additinoal die to any defense roll against an adjacent attack.


4 10th Regiment of Foot figures for Einar 3 Utgar "Wolves of Badru" 2 Cards

Heroes of the Molten Sea

Build Your Battle Power! Moriko's Phantom Walk power allows her to stealthily move through your opponent's figures. Sir Duis can add additional dice to his attacks, while Otonashi's tricky speed may allow her to move additional spaces. Chardris' Fire Strike draws power from other Elf Wizards, while Kato Katsuro's Command power can activate a squad to aid in an attack.


Chardris Moriko Sir Dupuis Kato Katsuro Otonashi 5 cards

Marro Cavalry

Ride Into Victory! Bold & brave Grok Riders bond with any Marro Warlord. When attacking any figure which is adjacent to a Marro Warlord, Grok Riders
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