Herpa Wings 555067 Austrian Airlines Boeing 777-200 1/200 Scale Model

More than 1,200 versions of airplanes of more than 250 airlines have so far been manufactured by Herpa Wings in the 1/500 scale. For those who prefer smaller or bigger models, there are alternatives in the 1/400, 1/200, and 1/160 scales. No mater the scale, though, all Herpa Wings models feature detailed printing instead of cheap stickers, and the detailed shapes of the models have been produced according to drafts provided by the airplane manufacturers. After all, quality is the number one subject for Herpa Wings. Brand new and the box is in mint condition. Listing image is provided by the manufacturer and the actual model to be shipped may be very slightly different or have a different aircraft registration number. Please contact us if you would like more specific information on the model to be shipped.
_gsrx_vers_476 (GS 6.4.4 (476))