Herschede Model 10 Westminster Tambour Clock

I hate to part with this one, but I have to make room for some new additions. This is a nice, original Herschede Westminster chime mantel tambour clock. This is clock has the big, substantial Number 10 movement by Herschede: big, thick plates...solid throughout. The serial number dates it to 1924. It has great glossy original lacquer finish. NO alligatoring, and just a few blemishes shown in the pictures. The front of the clock is inlaid with redwood burl panels. The dial bezel hinge has been repaired in the past, it is functional and not noticeable with the door closed. I had this clock overhauled about 4 years ago for $400.00. Clock is running and chiming. Comes with original key.This nice sized tambour measures 21.5" long, 10.25" tall, and 7" deep. I have bought and sold my fair share of clocks, and know how they should be packed. I have plenty of bubble wrap, peanuts, and styrofoam. Please let me know if you have any questions.