Hershey's Chocolate Kiss Firefighter Figurine, New !

Adorable Hershey's Chocolate Collectible Figurine titled "Kiss Firefighter" features a Hershey Kiss driving a Red #25 Fire Truck . He is smiling while holding his #1 Fireman Hat. A Hershey Kiss is decoratively displayed as the hood emblem on the fire truck. Another Hershey Kiss is sitting on the back of the truck along with the water tank and ladder. Very detailed and well crafted. Ideal for the Chocolate lover or Collector who loves to decorate and collect. The Hershey's tag is displayed (3) times, (1) on each kiss.

Measurements: 3.25" High, 4.50" Width, 2.25" Depth.

This is an official licensed product of Hershey Chocolate. Kurt S. Adler, Inc. Licensee. Handcrafted in China. This is a newly purchased item off a display at Hershey Chocolate, Hershey, PA. They did not sell in their original box. This figurine has the official Hershey's license tag on it.