This fish catching lure was sold by Herter’s Inc. of Waseca, Minnesota . It is designed to be used with a minnow or streamer fly.

The minnow can be alive and the instructions suggest that Herter’s Fleshex minnow is also effective with the hook harness. The complete and original printed instructions are included in the plastic container which holds the hook harness.

The hook harness is two inches long with two treble hooks and a front blade to provide a wiggle when the lure is retrieved.

The description sheet indicates “Patent Pending” for the hook harness. It goes on to state: “ Foreign Customs Note : Body of this lure and container made in the United States of America . Hooks hand made of Sheffield steel in England .”

The hook harness and instruction sheet are contained in the original plastic box. On the cover of the box are the words: “WORLD FAMOUS Herter’s Hook Harness” along with the Herter’s shield or emblem.

There is also the caution “Do not use in areas or countries where this lure is banned.” This would seem to imply that the lure is so effective it has been banned in some locations.

At the bottom of the cover are the words: HERTER’S, INC – SINCE 1893— WASECA , MINN. , U.S.A. ”

The lure was likely purchased in the 1
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