Herter's Standard Recoil Elminator For Rifles - Muzzle Break -

Hi Herter's fans. This auction is for a used "Herter's Standard Recoil Elminator For Rifles". This item is in nice condition, but it is used. If you are old enough to remember reading the Herter's catalogs, you know reading the catalog was 1/2 the fun of ordering something. You also know good old George would never exaggerate his claims in the catalog. He states the following "1. Herter's Recoil Elminator works on a gas trap propulsion principle with a free quick outlet for surplus gas from jet-type sharp angle ports. It is not made on the obsolete muzzle brake principal. Designed by George L. Herter, gun and ammunition designer for the United States and Belgian armies. 2. Reduces recoil. It reduces the recoil of your rifle 60 to 80% more than any muzzle break will. 3. Increases muzzle velocity. 4. Elminates flinching. 5. Increases accuracy. 6. Easy Instillation. Herter's Recoil Elminator can be quickly and safely installed by any competent gunsmith or machinest. This item is 1 15/16 inches long, O.D. is 7/8 inch. It is installed on a diameter of .531 useing a thread of 28 per inch and weighs 2 oz." How can you possibly live another day without this item? Payment is expected within 5 business days from the end of the auction. Shipping will be by 1st class mail. Thanks for looking and good luck bidding.