Hetian White Jade Pebble Nephrite Pendant Necklace Rare Gem Stone Hotan China #5

Hetian White Nephrite Jade Pendant From China.

Natural river polished Jade stone.

National treasure from the Hetian (Hotan - Khotan) region in China.

Our suppliers' wife strung this with a tiger eye bead and adjustable silk cord.

Cord opens up to 26 inches.

Current value of up to $80 per gram.

This is the original Jade of China. It has thousands of years of history used as survival tools and adornments. In the 1800s Jadeite was found in Burma. Focus was shifted to this beautiful and bright emerald green Jade. An Emperor traded 3 cities for one small carving.

Makes a wonderful and lucky gift.

Weighs 17 grams.

Measures 28 X 24 X 13 mm.

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