Hetoum I King of Armenia Medieval Byzantine Time 1226AD Silver Coin i14153

Item: i14153
Authentic Ancient Medieval Coin of:

ARMENIA - Hetoum I - 1226-1270 A.D.
Silver Tram 21mm (2.36 grams)
Reference: Nercessian 332 (392)
Obverse: Queen Zabel standing on left facing and King Hetoum standing on right facing. Both figures are crowned and wearing royal vestments. Both are holding a long cross. Star on cross. Clockwise legend (by will of God)
Reverse: Lion to right, crowned and holding cross with left paw. Clockwise legend, (Hetoum king of the Armenians).

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In 1226, with the consent of catholicos (supreme patriarch) of the Armenian Church and the nobility, Zabel was married to Hetoum, son of Gosdantin Bailie of the House of Lampron. The reign of Hetoum was the longest of all the rulers of Cilician Armenia. In 1233, Sultan Kaiqobad of Iconium invaded Cilicia. Hetoum made peace with the Seljuks and struck bilingual coins to mark the treaty.
Around this time, the Mongols started invading Transcaucasia and Asia Minor. They swept through Armenia proper and Georgia during 1235-1242. The Mongols were approaching the borders of Cilician Armenia. Hetoum recognized that only an alliance with the Mongols could save his kingdom. First,
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