HGR Untitled (Green Cherubs) ANTIQUE Cigar Box LABEL

Untitled (Green Cherubs)

Untitled-Green Cherubs

Antique Cigar Box Label

Size: 4.25" x 4.5"

Great for framing!!

CONDITION : See enlarged high resolution scans. I am no expert at grading, so I let the scans do the talking. Majority of all labels we offer are mint condition with no problems. I avoid buying damaged or problem labels.



Cigar Box Labels

Just a warning: cigar box label collecti ng can be become extremely addictive very quickly! As a collector of U.S. paper money for many years, I was easily lured into this area of collecting for the same reasons I was attracted to U.S. paper mone y:




Unlike coins, currency, and stamps, antique cigar box labels are highly undervalued relative to the supply. As popularity and demand of this newly discovered area of collecting increases, todays low prices are destined to seem like a tremendous bargain in the near future. For those familiar with current U.S. coin and currency prices, d on't you wish you could go back 20 years and form a collection for investment purposes? The price increases have been phenomenal! With cigar box label collecting being in the infancy stage, now is a great time to get
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