HGR WW2 German Counterfeit "Operation Bernhard" PMG XF45

HGR WW2 German Counterfeit "Operation Bernhard" PMG XF45


German Counterfeit




Extremely cool piece of world history! These notes have practically dried up in the market, and it won't be long before they are unavailable. Tremendous upside price increase potential. Read the story about these notes below.

The plan was directed by, and named after, Schutzstaffel Sturmbannf�hrer ( SS Major ) Bernhard Kr�ger , who set up a team of 142 counterfeiters from inmates at Sachsenhausen concentration camp at first, and then from other camps, especially Auschwitz . Beginning in 1942, the work of engraving the complex printing plates, developing the appropriate rag-based paper with the correct watermarks, and breaking the code to generate valid serial numbers was extremely difficult, but by the time Sachsenhausen was evacuated in April 1945 the printing press had produced 8,965,080 banknotes with a total value of �134,610,810. The notes are considered among the most perfect counterfeits ever produced, being almost impossible to distinguish from the real currency.

The initial plan was to destabilize the British economy by dropping the notes from aircraft, on the assumption that most Britons would collect the money they found floating
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