HHB CDR-800 Professional AES/EBU/Coaxial/Optical/Analog CD Recorder

HHB CDR-800 Professional AES/EBU/Coaxial/Optical/Analog CD Recorder - Unit shows light signs of use, excellent condition. Comes as pictured. No Remote.
From the Manufacturer:
The CDR800 is certainly one of the most cost-effective stand-alone CD burners around, and the fact that the PQ-encoded discs can be used for CD production cuts out an expensive pre-mastering stage. I like the ease of use of the machine, and certainly have no complaints about the number of I/O formats supported, but I feel that the auto track ID system could have been made a little more flexible, especially in recognising the end of a recording. The whole point of a machine like this should be that you can let it get on with making a copy while you do something else, but the fixed 30 seconds' silence before the CDR800 stops at the end of a tape means that you have to be on the ball to press the Stop button manually. Other than that, there's little not to like about the CDR800, and I foresee both professional and private studio owners buying them in large numbers to produce their own limited-run CDs or CD masters.