Hibbard Hardware Co. Paring Chisel, 5/8 inch

The Hibbard H W Co. started as a hardware distributor in Chicago in 1855. By 1867, (as Hibbard & Spencer) the company's annual sales of hardware had reached $1 million.When longtime company employee A. C. Bartlett became a partner in 1882,the company's name became Hibbard, Spencer & Bartlett Co. When Spencer died in 1890, the company was already among the leading wholesalers of hardware in the United States. In 1962 their brand name "True Value" was sold off for $ 2 1/2 million.
This straight edged paring chisel was manufactured by one of the main edge tool makers rather than Hibbard Hardware. Since it is not marked as to an actual manufacturer it is impossible to tel who actually made it, but I would suspect that it is a product of the Greenlee Tool Co. as they were based in Chicago. Notwithstanding its lack of a known pedigree, it is a fine chisel, and faces up very well. The logo is a bit hard to decipher as only the "bbard H W Co" is present. In addition, this dates the chisel to the period from 1855 to 1865 when Spencer joined the firm.
Like all of my other edge tool offerings, it has been lapped with a diamond plate on the back, and has been sharpened, honed, and stropped to shaving sharpness. It has been re-handled with a piece of cocobolo (aka Mexican rosewood), hand turned and fitted. It is ready to use,
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