Hickok Complete Calibration Unit w/Manual for 539B & 539C Tube Tester

If you expect accurate results from your Hickok 539B and/or 539C Tube Tester, you NEED to own this.....

The Hickok 539B and 539C should have their Calibration checked and/or adjusted yearly (minimum).

Now YOU can Check & Completely Calibrate your Tube Tester at home.

Presenting the All-In-One Calibration Unit featuring electronics designed by William Eccher with unit design and fabrication by TubesLab. Manufactured right here in the USA!!

- No need to ship your tester and risk damage

- No more long down time waiting for your tester to be serviced

- Check and Calibrate your tester as often as you wish for a reasonable one-time investment

- Save Money and obtain knowledge of your tester

This All-In-One unit with precision components provides a Load Box and GM Meter Test which with the included 28-Page Illustrated Comb-Bound Manual (and your Multimeter capable of reading microamps) guides one to perform a complete calibration.

The All-In-One Box provides the necessary loads and test points and is connected to the Octal socket by a custom cable. It is a strictly Passive device which ELIMINATES the need for an expensive Variac and Isolation Transformer, resulting in a quicker, simpler and SAFER method of calibration for both the tester and the operator.
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