Hieratic Dragon Deck! 40 Card Main Deck! Tournament Ready - Main, Side, & Extra!

40 Card Deck! Tournament Ready! �

Complete with Main, Side, and Extra decks!

Great for beginners looking for casual or tournament play.

All cards pictured are included and are anywhere from near mint to moderately played. (Unless specified)

(Playmat not included)

Includes near mint condition cards such as:

•Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

•Star Eater

•Hieratic Dragon King of Atum

•Black Rose Dragon

•Goyo Guardian

•Hieratic Seal from the Ashes

•Vanity's Emptiness

•Ring of Destruction

Amazing deck that is a lot of fun!

Every card pictures is as seen with same rarity. Some cards have minor edgewear or light amounts of play.

Everything looks great in sleeves!

Message me for any concerns.