Higgins Mid-Century Modern Geometric Ashtray ~ So Mad Men! Gold & Glass Inlay

You are bidding on a fabulous Higgins Studio ashtray. It measures 10" x 7" and is approximately 1" tall. This is a mid-century modern style that reminds me instantly of the show Mad Men. Higgins pioneered the practice of fused glass, and this ashtray is a perfect example of that technique. It has a bright blue background with various squares and rectangles in shades of blue, gray and green, interspersed with white and gold hashed inlays. The gold Higgins logo is sharp and intact. There are 4 cigarette holders, two on each short end. This is an eye-catching piece that's in excellent condition with no noticeable condition issues, although I do see some small bubbles in the glass, which were obviously a part of the manufacturing process. This Higgins ashtray would be fabulous in your collection or make a perfect gift for someone who appreciates fine, handcrafted glass.