High Carbon Iron Wrapped Steel Dragon Samurai Sword#128

Furu-bushidoo Fully Handforged Tri-polished Practical DRAGON Katana W/ Maintain Kit & Deluxe Silk Sword Bag
This Furu-bushidoo Practical Katana is hand forged from 1065 high carbon iron wrapped steel. It is suitable for Iaido and Tameshigiri practice. The traditional heat tempering process made an edge hardness of HRC 60 and a back hardness of HRC 40. It provides an excellent cutting capability, while the more resilient body of the blade allows it to absorb the shock of the cutting stroke. The extremely sharp edge was hand polished by imported Japanese finest whetstone. After forging and heat treating, the blade is hand polished revealing the hamon and Tri-Polished mirror levels. Each sword in this series utilizes a one-piece brass construction Habaki (blade collar) that enables the blade to fit securely into the Saya (scabbard), and antique blackened bronze Dragon Tsuba. The Saya (scabbard) is done with a deep black piano lacquer and tied with imported Japanese cotton Sageo. The Same is the finest ray skin while the Ito (handle wrap) and sageo (scabbard cord) are made from black leather. Package comes with one maintain kit, deluxe silk sword bag and more you need.

This sword can be totally disassembled or assembled.
Please do not miss this chance to collect this valuable hand forged sword to your collection. Happy

* Blade Material: Tri-polished High Carbon Iron Wrapped Steel #1065
* Blade Hardness of Back: HRC 40
* Blade Hardness of Edge: HRC 60
* Overall Length: 40 1/2"
* Blade Length: 28"
* Handle Length: 11"
* Tang: Full tang with Signed Signature Plus 2 Mekugi for greater security
* Handle Material: Genuine Ray Skin & Leather Ito
* Razor Sharp Edge
* Saya: Black Piano Lacquered wood
* Tsuba: Blackened Brass Dragon Tsuba
Package Includes:

* 1 X Assembled Furubushidoo Katana Sword
* 1 X Deluxe Silk Sword Bag
* 1 X Black Sword Stand
* 1 X Maintain Cleaning Kit
* 1 x Pair of Gloves
* 1 x Hammer
* Extra Pair of Bamboo Pegs

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