HIGH LONESOME SOUND - HOLCOMB,ROSCOE [VINYL NEW] Label: FOLKWAYS RECORDS Format: LP Release Date: 24 Nov 2009 Brand new. Ships usually within three business days from California, USA. Delivery via USPS Airmail and Royal Mail, may take 5-14 days. You are an importer of goods and might be charged customs fees and taxes by the government of your country. Album Tracks 1. Moonshiner 2. Old Smokey 3. Little Birdie 4. House in New Orleans 5. Trouble in Mind 6. The Wandering Boy 7. Hook and Line 8. Married Life Blues 9. Omie Wise 10. Willow Tree 11. Boat's Up the River 12. In the Pines 13. Fox Chase 14. Little Gray Mule 15. I'm a Free Little Bird 16. Little Bessie 17. Motherless Children 18. Darling Corey 19. Roll on Buddy 20. A Village Churchyard 21. Walk Around My Bedside Originally released in 1965, this is Holcomb’s first full album for Folkways. The man for whom the term “The High Lonesome Sound” was coined certainly shows why here. This is Appalachian folk music both beautiful and harsh, harrowing and tender. Essential recordings from this Kentucky native lovingly reissued in a perfect replica of the original Folkways jacket and including a reproduction of the original information booklet.