HIGH POSSIL meteorite 1st Scotland fall - 1804 - 350g TKW VERY RARE! IMCA 1633

Up for auction is a very rare and historic High Possil meteorite fragment that comes from the High Possil meteorite fall in April 5, 1804, Scotland. What makes this meteorite fall very rare and historic is that it's the first Scotland meteorite fall. In addition to being the first meteorite fall in Scotland, the initial mass of the meteorite was estimated to be around 4.5kg from eye witnesses' accounts on that cloudy day. However, a day later majority of the mass was lost in a quarry and only 350grams is accounted for, which 320grams has been suggested to be in collection around the world, making this locality very rare to obtain. Down below are accounts from the fall and other information to go along with this rare find. A meteorite is a meteorite, but a meteorite with history and a legacy, will always add aura to your meteorite collection and value. I'm a member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association, member number 1633, so !


The High Possil meteorite fell on the morning of Thursday, 5th April 1804, in a quarry near High Possil, on the northern outskirts of Glasgow. The High Possil meteorite is one of only four ever to have been found in Scotland - the others being the Perth meteorite of 1830, and the Strathmore meteorite, which fell in Perthshire in 1917. In 1998 fragments
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