High Powered Arm BSRT G3 Super FAST Pro Built Poly HO Slot Drag Race NHRA Car

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Up for sale is our DBR Super FAST BSRT G3 Chassis w/ a Custom painted NHRA lexan Body!
This one is a little different and for all of you who want some $$$ Bling Bling $$$ Now we are all about silver because it's the best conductor of electricity but... the advantage of Gold over silver is that it NEVER tarnishes. It is also a better conductor then copper but just not as much as silver .
- BSRT G3 Stiff Chassis w/ Aluminum Body Posts - BSRT High Powered Hot Wound Worked up armature/motor (Not the slower 6 ohm stock motor) - Viper Pro 10 Gauss meter matched Polymer motor magnets - Viper Pro 10 Polymer traction magnets - BSRT Pre tweak GOLD plated Endbell with reamed bushing - BSRT GOLD plated pick up shoes - BSRT GOLD plated pick up shoe hangers - BSRT GOLD plated Shoe Springs - 7 tooth pinion gear - Double Flanged Bronze Beetle Bushing - BSRT 23 tooth delrin pro crown gear w/ gear saver - Wizzard rear silicone sponge tires on rims - BSRT Aluminum Independent O-ring front end - Awesome Custom Painted NHRA Lexan body by ebayer velochamp2
This isn't just a FAST slot car, this is a DBR RACE-CAR!
$$$ There is more $ GOLD $ in this car then in Fort Knox! $$$
Works great for pro or home track set-ups. All of my cars are stripped down, built from the table up to make sure the chassis
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