High Quality Acoustic Steel Guitar Strings (12/53) x2 SETS: Fast, Free Delivery

What we have here are two great sets of 6 strings for your beloved acoustic steel string guitar - one to put on now, and one to keep for later. These are light gauge strings (12s), which are by far the most commonly used on standard set-ups. If you don't know what gauge string your guitar is set-up for do not use anything heavier than lights as you may well damage the guitar neck. Ultra lights (10s) are easier to play but lack the punch and tone of heavier gauge. These strings are great for any style: folk, country, jazz, pop, rock, rhythm and blues, and punk. These are not the strings you need if you have a nylon-strung classical style guitar.
It's an awkward question, and the answer, as with so many things in life, is less and less as the years go by. The new player, buzzing with excitement, might change their strings several times a week just for the thrill of that sparkling, zingy 'new string' sound. Older players, however, can become complacent, taking their guitar for granted, until one day they snap one and realise it's been a year or more since they treated their baby right! Professionals might change their strings every time they play, but for the rest of us mere mortals, changing strings every couple of months is fine. Having said that, I have kept the same strings for over a year
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