High Quality Yamato tanto - Japanese Samurai Sword

This is a very high quality sword which I had been planning to have polished later this year, but with polishing and shinsa costs coming due I have decided to let it go.
This is a wonderful Yamato-den tanto that I had been saving for polish. It is difficult to see the details of in these photos, but the sword has a brilliant nie-deki hamon in ko nie that is filled with fine activities. There is fine kinsuji and inazumi throughout the yakiba on both the ha and mune sides. The yakiba is present throughout the entire mune.
The boshi is a long kaen (flame pattern) with strands of nie pulling down for several centimeters. The jihada is a tight ko-itame with a thick layer of ji-nie. There is gomabashi hi (chopstick-style horimono) on both sides. The sword was greatly shortened, and was carefully refinished in kesho yasurimei like you see in a shinshinto sword. I would guess that the o-suriage was done in the 1800s. The sword is in shirasaya and has a silver-washed habaki.
My feeling is that the blade may be something like Yamato Senjuin but I will leave that to the shinsa team. Others have seen this sword at shows and had the same opinion. It was specuated that this was originally a ken, given that the shinogi is very straight until the near the kissaki. The workmanship is beautiful and I strongly recommend that the new owner
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