For your consideration, this beautiful High Repousse Etain Roders Zinn Pewter "Hunters" Tumbler is up for auction.

Wow. . .if you love Pewter , then everyone else better step aside! This German Pewter Tumbler was manufactured and signed by Etain Roders Zinn in the early part of the 20th Century. It is Highly Detailed , possesses a Marvelous Masculine Aesthetic and has withstood the years. I will describe this Handsome "Hunters" Tumbler as best I can, so we go. . .

This German Tumbler's Design shows a series of Hunting Scenes , four in all, presented on four separate panels. Each of the Hunting Scenes are separated by Animal Tracks , each pertaining to the animal being hunted on each individual panel. Each individual panel is also represented by its own Hunting Horn .

Beginning with Panel #1 (photo #3), the scene represents a Hunter on a Highly Detailed Steed . He blows a horn as a dog runs hurredly at the horse's hooves. Above the Hunter t are Two Reindeer represented. Panel #2 (photo #4) shows Two Hunters armed with Musket and Spear . The first Hunter blows a horn as the other points to the tracks of the Animal being hunted in this panel - The Wild Boar . Above the Hunters t are Two Wild Boars represented. Panel #3 (photo #5) shows a Hunter on an even More Detailed Steed . He holds a Hooded Falcon as another
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