Highlander Katana 'Connor Macleod'

United Cutlery 'Connor Macleod' Highlander Katana.
Details: The handle is broken on one side, a piece chipped of near the hilt and the blade has rust spots.
(See pictures for condition).
Officially licensed authentic replica of Connor MacLeod's katana. [Serial #1460]
This iconic sword is made with a real hand-forged, 1045 carbon steel blade and authentically detailed faux ivory handle.
The United Cutlery replica has been meticulously crafted using actual prop reference materials. The handle grip is cast one-piece hardened resin, to precisely match the look, feel, and weight of real aged ivory.
This version features the correct, 24K gold plated extra thick stuba, authentic metal tang caps, improved sculptural details, and authentic red scabbard sword hangar similar to the one worn by Ramirez in Highlander 1.
28" blade, 40 1/4" overall.