Highway 61 1/18 1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi- Black

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Highway 61 1/18 1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi- Black - GoMotorBids Item #793980
Manufacturer: Highway 61 Collectibles Year Produced: 2002 Scale or Size: 1/18 Production Run: Limited Product Condition: Excellent Package Condition: Very Good
Description: The stock engine for the Plymouth GTX was the 375 hp 440 Super Commando and for a paltry $564.00 you could choose the 426 street Hemi that would wipe out just about anything else on the road. Upping the ante was the GTX suspension that utilized the Chrysler police package. A few of the giveaways to the performance of this machine were muscle-inspired cosmetics like dual hood scoops, pit stop gas cap, redline tires and chrome exhaust tips. Dual sport stripes mounted on the hood and rear deck lid were optional and were available in white, red, black, dark blue, and copper. Plymouth put together a winning package with the GTX and captured the attention of the performance craving youth market. Equipped with the 426 Hemi, the GTX cleared the quarter-mile in a blistering 13.5 seconds @105 mph, making the GTX one of the fastest factory built muscle cars to prowl the streets.
Features Include: Opening Doors Opening Hood Opening Trunk Steerable Wheels Engine Wiring Engine Hoses & Belts Working Suspension Folding Seatbacks Detailed Gauges Manual
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