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Tri-State Traffic Safety, Inc.

Gaffney, SC

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This sign was manufactured, in South Carolina, by a small sign company in Gaffney called Tri-State Traffic Safety. This sign was manufactured to meet SCDOT requirements, and for secondary uses like garages, playrooms, neighborhoods, bars, and w ever the mind may lead you.

This sign was never used in the state of South Carolina, So, it is listed under brand new. This is a custom US Route 69 Highway Sign made this week for ebay.So, this is why it is on ebay, We thought that t was not enough signs with Highway 66 on them so we figured we would make and sell them to someone who could use it on private property or for decoration, rather than keeping it for ourselves.

This sign is a 18 X 18 sheeted peice of aluminum, and is sheeted with a 3M reflective material. The aluminum, this sign is made out of, has a thickness of .080 and weighs 3.5 Lbs

This sign is brand new: Hot off the Press!!

***Route 69 Highway Sign***

It is completely legal to own this sign and to maintain it in your possession, as long as you are using it for the right purpose. (Decoration) (Use on Private Property)

It is completley leagal to have this sign in your posession. This sign was not stolen, it
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