Hilton AC-201 Turntable Square Dance w/Nylon Bag.

Good Day! Up for Consideration is a Hilton AC-201 Turntable suitable for Square and Round Dances.. This unit has been gently used since date of purchased (it was bought as a back-up or when i needed to sound more than 1 hall so it has been rarely used). it comes with the blue Nylon bag from hilton Audio, along with the Cardboard box. comes with power cord etc. This machine was produced by hilton thru 1999, it was followed by the AC-205 (which both are no longer available thru hilton audio) (this unit (201) is more light weight than the older models))

Some of the specifications on the machine are: Record reset, adjustable record speed, 2 microphone inputs, adjustable volume control for each microphone as well as for the phonograph/music and for the monitor as well. it has music input (for use with a computer or external music device) tandem/normal output, monitor output, has 2 speaker jacks in the back, along with a monitor jack. This unit uses the "cartridge" needle which is still available thru Hilton Audio and thru Hanhurst Music/Dosido.

As a square dance caller, i have personally tested this machine (as of 3/24/2011) and it is in perfect working condition... (the unit was used with both external computer music AND 45rpm records).

The sound that this unit puts out is remarkable.. it truly is a great unit
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