HIM RARE DSBH / LM era hoodies Ville Valo Bam

Hey there HIM fans/collectors. Unlike other collectors, I've mainly collected tour and rare/hard to find shirts since '03 and have amassed quite a few. I'm actually notorious to some collectors who are after what I have (check out my full collection here /albums/a238/Spooky-Kabuki1/HIM%20Collection/Clothing%20section/). I have decided to part with a chunk of them. I never collected HT/Spencers garbage, so all shirts in my auctions are genuine rare/impossible to find shirts from all eras. Please know that all HIM shirts in my auctions were never worn by me and were well taken care of, I can give you my word on that. Any wear (if any) is from any previous owner if a particular shirt was bought secondhand.

Anyway, this auction is very 2 very rare and sought after hoodies from the Deep Shadows and Love Metal eras. Here's the list:

1) DSBH gold album hoodie. Front features DSBH cover art in bright gold print (just like the shirt), while backside features a very unique design, kinda hard to explain. Inside fabric of hood is red (really stands out). No tag, but it seems like a large. This one's very rare and almost never seen.

2) LM zip hoodie. Front of hoodies features "love" and "metal" on each side in gold print, gold heartagram vines design on left sleeve, and ornate heartagram on back. Size large. This is a VERY
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