himalayan gau locket ~ LAPIS GHAU silver pendant amulet

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From the himalayan kingdom of Nepal, this is a beautiful 92.5 silver gau pendant set with lapis lazuli. Beautiful! It is the only pendant like this that I have at the moment. The ghau pendant measures approximately 1 1/8" high x 7/8" wide. Gau amulets were traditionally worn by pilgrams and used to carry an image of Buddha, prayers, or Tibetan medicine. The silver box pendant comes inside the pictured marble bowl from India which measures 1 1/2" wide. A beautiful unique gift brought from Hither and Yon!

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Lapis lazuli is a very porous, deep blue, opaque, semi-precious stone which forms in igneous and volcanic rock. Sometimes called the Armenian Stone, lapis is actually an enduring rock composite of several minerals - calcite, pyrite (the flecks of color that can increase its value), sodalite and the mineral lazurite, w the characteristic dark blue color comes from. Ground-up lapis lazuli was once used as a pigment for oil paintings and it has been used in jewelry all over the globe
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