Historex:Lot of 8 #642, 653, 653b, 654, 656, 656, 661, 662. see descriptions

1/32 scale 54mm
LOT OF 8 kits
Made in France
642 Chasseur A Cheval De La Grade 1804/15 Officier (partially painted/glued) with horse 653 Train D'Artillerie 1804-1812 De Ligne Officier with horse 653b Train d'Artillerie 1808/12 Trompette (No instructions or package header) with horse 654 Arty a cheval 1804/12 Garde Imperiale Trompette (No package header) with horse 656 Artillerie a cheval 1804/15 De Ligne officer with horse 656 Artillerie a Cheval 1804/12 De Ligne Soldat with horse 661 Grenadier a chaval De La garde 1804/12 Officier/ Standard Bearer with horse (glue and painting have been done on horse, soldier and saddle) 662 Grenadarmerie d'Elite A Chaval 1801/14 Soldat (soldier and saddle have been partially painted)
Kits are in open packaging. No painting or gluing has been done on any of these kits unless noted in the individual details. I cannot be absolutely certain that kits contain all parts necessary to build the model. Packaging header and diagram instructions are included unless otherwise noted. Previous owner has use color pencil on some of the diagram sheets.
I will make note in the description if figure includes a horse.
Glue and paint are not included. There are no color pictures in the kits.
I do not ship outside of the USA I will combine shipping costs Smoke
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