Historic Odessa Texas Iron Meteorite 1950s Crater Dig

An Odessa, Texas iron meteorite, Carl Schelf Collection

Description: A complete individual
Weight: 37.4 grams
Class: Iron meteorite, coarse octahedrite, type IAB
Approximate dimensions: 36 mm x 25 mm x 20 mm
Date and location of original find: Ector County, Texas 1922
Notes: Found by a Texas geologist and crater expert in the 1950s

The Odessa Crater, near Midland, Texas is one of only two craters in the United States w meteorites are proved to have been found. The other is Meteor Crater in Arizona. The Odessa Crater lies in the heart of Texas oil country, and meteorites were first found t by prospectors in the 1920s. The crater is now protected and very few specimens make their way to the collectors' market.

This small, complete Odessa iron meteorite was acquired from the family of the late Mr. Carl Schelf, a noted Austin geologist who excavated the center portion of the crater in the early 1950s. He was accompanied by Glenn Evans who had previously written a paper on the crater and his excavation of the site in the late 1940s. They created a staircase around the excavated hole with little "windows" into the archeological/paleontological past. Many fossil remains were discovered during the dig. The excavation was later filled in and covered over with a concrete cap by a local
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