Historic Time Travel - WW II FREE S/H (2-DVD Set)

Documentary of the Aftereffects of World War II 2-DVD Set Free Shipping!
Historic Time Travel - World Wars (2-DVD Set)

A Historic 2-DVD Set That Probes The Consequences Of The Second World War!

Have you ever wondered what the aftereffects were of the Second World War? How did it affect the people of Europe? Did it affect people from countries outside the conflict? Do you study history, cinema or social science? Then you need to own Historic Time Travel - World Wars!

You cannot understand the world today unless you understand the impact of the Second World War!

More Than Two Hours Of Compelling Film Footage Documenting
The Industry And Life Of Europe And South
America In the Aftermath of World War II

See How World War II Impacted Everything From
Children To Industries On This Great 2-DVD Set!

Did You Know That Brazil Joined The Allies And Helped
With Our Massive War Effort? Find Out The Truth With
These Classic Films!

Those Who Forget History Are Doomed To Repeat It!
Start Learning Today!

Historic Time Travel - World Wars is full of fascinating archival footage from the 1940s and 1950s. It demonstrates how the Second World War affected the lives of people far from our shores. These films will not only entertain you, they will also
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