History of Collecting Confederate Paper Money - Fricke and Reed

History of Collecting Confederate States of America Paper Money - by Pierre Fricke and Fred Reed

I am one of the authors and will sign the book.

Pierre Fricke and Fred Reed announce the publication of History of Collecting Confederate States of America Paper Money – Volume 1, 1865 to 1945 . With 340 pages of well-illustrated stories and history, this book is a must for anyone interested in collecting Confederate paper money, Southern history, or coin and paper money collecting. Fricke and Reed begin with a brief history of the Confederate financing during the Civil War and proceed through the decades highlighting the major and typical books, periodicals, price guides, auctions, collectors and dealers of the various eras since 1865. Appendices feature Smithsonian curator Richard Doty on the history of the famous Richmond hoard of Confederate money captured by the Union at the end of the War and an easy-to-use pictorial guide to getting started collecting the types of Confederate money. Additional coverage featured on a DVD includes research materials, collecting aids such as checklists, condition census of rare Confederate notes (updated from the 2005 "Big Book"), and an extended presentation of the material in this and forth-coming Volume 2 (1945-2015).

“I salute Pierre and Fred for producing a book having
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