Hitachi Multi Band Radio W/ Direction Finder KH-1170H

Hitachi Multi Band Radio W/ Direction Finder KH-1170H Search
Description Hitachi Multi Band Radio Up for auction, a Hitachi KH 1170H Multi Band Radio, this is a nice compact portable radio, which covers the following bands: AM MB FM PSB low PSB high. The radio is in good physical condition, a little dusty, it has been tested and works, it comes with the AC adapter cord. It's 12" wide, 8" tall--with handle folded down--and about 4" "thick", not including the folded handle. The antenna's in good condition, the tuning meter works, there's a little noise in the volume control potentiometer, when you are adjusting the volume, otherwise it's fine. I live in an area with poor reception, so testing the direction finder was problematic. When I found a spot on the dial with some noise, the tuning meter changed in readings, as I rotated the radio direction finder. The battery compartment is clean, there are no batteries included.

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