Hitchcock Stencil - 42

These ORIGINAL Hitchcock Furniture Stencil Patterns were obtained from a Southern Maryland estate. These sample stencil patterns were created by an artist who taught at the Perkins Institute of the Blind at Watertown, Massachusetts. (Helen Keller attended this school). The stencil design patterns being offered were used on Hitchcock Furniture (both adult and children), for decorating apple trays, and spice containers. Several stencils were designed at the special request of individuals. The blind students did the caning for the chairs. NOTE: These are original stencil patterns with identifying numbers and directional information on some of them. Purchasers of these items copy, trace, and use or frame as is. They are NOT to be cut out. Some of the larger stencils have patterns on both sides. There is also a notation in the Janet Waring book identifying a Mrs. Esterbrook as a person some of these stencil patterns were specifically made for. (H)