Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible HC (1871)

An 1871 hard cover printing from A.J. Johnson in good condition with no marks other than in family records section that has VT records of the Burnham and Bryant families, 1159 pages with a family records section in back. P ublished by author Roswell Hitchcock in 1869, breaks down the verses of the Bible (more than 30,000) based on their meaning into 27 Books, 242 Chapters, and 2,369 Sections. Topics include Scripture, Jesus Christ, Miracles, the Hebrews, Civil and Social Law, Fallen Man, and Eschatology. It also contains Hitchcock's "Bible Name Dictionary," which describes more than 2,500 Bible and related names and their definitions. Verses are cataloged with like verses, and, though large, the book is extremely navigable. This version is unabridged, including the original illustrations by Nast and Carpenter and Cruden's Complete Concordance to the Holy Scriptures; all in all, a unique collection. The Holy Bible: Complete and How to Understand It is a perfect tool for the serious Bible scholar and those who want to break the Bible down into its most essential parts. ROSWELL DWIGHT HITCHCOCK (1817-1887) was an American theologian and writer who graduated from Amherst in 1836 and studied at Andover theological seminary. Hitchcock was a professor at Bowdoin College in Maine and Union Theological Seminary in New York City and was

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