Hitty Teak Wood Doll 6 ¼” Hand Carved Folk Art Feel

Meet Hitty #5. I've named her Hitty Maisak and she is exactly 6 1/4 inches tall. Recently my dear friend Janice introduced me to 'Hitty, Her First Hundred Years '. I fell so in-love with the book that I decided to make a Hitty doll for myself to accompany me on my many travels. After my husband Ae and I created our first Hitty, I just knew we should make a few to sell. Ae masterfully carves each little gal, while I (Holly) am the designer, painter and dress maker. Hitty Maisak (which means Teak in Thai) is our first Teak wood Hitty and according to Ae, there won’t be many! Carving that tiny little face from such a hard wood was a labor of love. Much like Mountain Ash is considered special, Teak is very important and treasured wood in this region of Asia and is native to Thailand . The wood is so hard that even if the big black crows were to peck at Hitty all day, they probably wouldn’t even make a dent J She is a bit dark in color but that is the natural color of the wood. Hitty Maisak is probably close in color to the original Hitty after her many years and adventures on this planet!

She comes with a lovely light green dress adorned w/ a tiny floral print. True to Hitty fashion, there is a button on the back of the dress. She also comes with a white chemise and pantaloons and of course, a red coral bead necklace. Hitty
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