PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR MANY IMAGES! THANK YOU! Offered to you today is a VERY RARE and VERY FINE miniature Japanese Matchlock "Teppo" or Tanegashima Netsuke! This little piece is extraordinary as the inlay on the barrel is FIRST CLASS MASTER WORK! The piece is COMPLETE AND CORRECT miniature tanegeshima. It DOES NOT FIRE AND NEVER WAS MEANT TO DO SO, it is just a Carefully crafted miniature representation. All the parts are finely HAND CUT AND FITTED. Please Note the Serpentine has a tiny, tiny pin still holding a piece of match cord. If you look carefully at the head of the serpentine you can see that the pin mentioned makes an "eye" for the serpentine which is another DRAGON! What a charming touch! The pin is removable to attach the miniature match cord. The lock WORKS and the serpentine is held and released by the trigger and the trigger rebounds. The pan cover moves and, of course, the pan itself is NOT vented. Upon removal, note a hole cut in the bottom of the barrel through which the mekugi, or the tapered brass pin, secures it to the stock. Please see images. There is some rust INSIDE the barrel. This looks like good late Shinto or early Shin-shinto Rust as is seen on Sword tangs. On the barrel is an ULTRA FINE DRAGON done in NUNOME-style SILVER wire inlay with GOLD highlights! The Nunome-style of Precious Metal Overlay on ... read more