HMS Victory 44"WoodenTall Ship Model Wood Sailing Boat

HMS Victory

Historic Truly Scaled Wooden Model Ship

( Dimensions: L 44" x W 15" x H 30" )

Scale 1:98

Furled Sails Version

This is an exquisite 1:98 scale model of the HMS Victory, with details including bound masts, yards with stun'l booms and foot ropes, carved full sails running and standing rigging with carved scale blocks, dolphin-striker, safety nets, carved fiddle-end prow with coat-of-arms, anchor with chains and hawse pipes, catheads, bitts, stove pipe, sail winch, belaying rails and pins, companionway, helm and tiller, ship's bell and other details. The planked hull with open gun ports with metal guns, pressed stern and quarter gallery decoration boarding companionway.

Beautiful Metal figurehead is outstanding!

Authentic replica with accurate scaled measurements

Individual hull double planks bent and shaped

Meticulously hand painted to the actual ship

Beautiful Iron-alloy cannons and anchor

Light canvas and rigging (lightly waxed)

Authentic replica with accurate scaled life boats

Included: Beautiful Large Wooden Base with Nice Sculpture Strong Men Holders!

Requires hundreds of hours to build from scratch (we do not use model kit) by master artisans


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