This is a really nice model of HMS Victory on a wooden base. The plaque on the base reads 'HMS Victory 1765' it also has a 925 mark on the plaque.

On close inspection the plaque does have a couple of tiny marks but these are barely noticeable. I cannot find a picture of this particular model as it has no paperwork with it.

The ship itself is marked on the back sail 925 and above that there appears to be a pointing up arrow with the letter 'M' beneath it. I'm presuming that this ship is silver, although I'm not 100% sure. Hopefully prospective buyers will know this model.

There are a couple of areas and also on the front and the back that are gold in colour ... whether this is paint or leaf I'm not sure.

It looks to be complete. There are 3 flags on the tops of the 3 masts (I don't know whether there should be any more) and a ll of the interconnecting wire ropes are complete.

I have taken many pictures to give as much information as possible. I would not like to mislead in any way, so please look at the pictures carefully prior to bidding.

I have mentioned Franklin Mint and/or Danbury Mint but it could also be a St James House piece, I really have no idea.

Overall length is approximately 7 3/4", the height from the base is approximately
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